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About – Ralph Donnelly LLC

Planning on moving manufacturing back to the US or starting a new manufacturing plant?

I know you want to see progress and results.

In order to achieve anything, we must first determine what “success” means.

Achieving that success means making a multitude of decisions—planning the project schedule, allocating the necessary resources, organizing your team, predicting challenges and roadblocks—the list can go on.

You need a team leader who uses a holistic, methodical approach to organizing your project goals, predicting challenges, defining needs, and implementing solutions.

Clarifying project goals and selecting a well organized team will get your project on the right track. Predicting the challenges you will face and methodically implementing solutions will ensure your goals are met.

You’ll get to focus on what you do best and your project will be a success.

I’m Ralph Donnelly

Let me help you make your project a success

Contact me to discuss your project needs

I have more than 35 years of experience, and have lead the successful completion of many project types, including biotech, pharmaceutical/medical device, aseptic processing, dietary supplement, and API manufacturing.

My areas of expertise include: risk assessments, facility programming, design development, FDA compliance, and construction management.

I manage and consult on projects from conception to production. I also provide consulting services for FDA remediation and product transfers.